--PU bottom coating

Checking the basis of the asphalt foundation and seepage prevention treatment if the gap is relatively large before paving. The impervious layer paved by the special material made with a two-component mixed track laying special materials A, B component materials predetermined proportion ratio, stir and adding some catalyst according to the temper and humidity. Then adding an appropriate amount of quartz sand Scraping back, let it cure.

--PU elastic bottom

Adding right amount black granules in the mixed comprehensive material and made as 8-9mm elastic layer.

-- EPDM slip and wear resistance layer

There are two approaches sprinkle and spraying granules
Sprinkle granules mean that first scratch 2mm comprehensive material on the elastic layer, then sprinkle EPDM/PU granules on the layer averagely by worker. After curing, sweeping the surplus no adhesion EPDM granules on the surface and finally spray glue to strengthen on the top layer.Spray means using spray equipment to spray mixed EPDM granules and fabric to the elastic layer.

Nanjing Institute of Physical Education Stadium

Nanjing institute of physical education sports track and field is what we made in 2001. It is consist of red EPDM granule surface layer and black SBR base layer. So far it has been more than 10 years