EPDM Rubber Granule

EPDM products are aimed at users who require high security of ground. EPDM rubber granules are
made of synthetic rubber, and can be produced in many colors. With its excellent performance, it can
resist ultraviolet radiation resistant and general chemical reaction, especially in the pattern construction,
it can show the superiority of colored EPDM Rubber Granules.

Product Features

① All weather;

② Good flexibility;

③ Heat resistance, oxygen resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance;

④ High strength, tear resistance, durability, long service life

Product Usage

With environmental protection, beautiful appearance, safety, wear resistance, shock absorption, anti-uv and other advantages, EPDM Rubber granules are the best plastic ground material currently. Widely used in all kinds of runway, kindergarten, park path, children's playground and other venues.

EPDM Granule Color

EPDM rubber granule is with bright color. All colors are used domestic and international famous brands of paint, in order to maintain the stability of all granules in color, color fastness, anti-uv and high weatherability.

EPDM Granule Shape

EPDM rubber granules are with irregular prismatic section, neat without dust.

EPDM Granule Size

Commonly used at home and abroad for 0.5-2mm, 1-2.5mm, 1-3mm, 1-4mm. Particle size can also be produced according to customer’s requirement.

EPDM Granule Rubber Content

In Europe and the United States, The rubber content requirement of EPDM rubber playground is usually more than 15%, the domestic is usually 8%-10%. The higher the content of EPDM Rubber Granule, the higher the cost will be. Also, the performance of the playground will be better.

Core properties of EPDM Granules

After the interception of vulcanized EPDM sheet, then place it on the clamping device of the testing machine , and transferred it to a symmetrical position carefully, in order to make the tensile evenly distributed in the cross section of the specimen. Write down the distance between the largest and the two line inside when the boot test piece fractured. EPDM Granules are of good tensile properties, more durable, and long service life.

Under the set temperature and humidity condition, the use of machine simulation of normal solar UV irradiated EPDM rubber block, namely artificial simulated climate, achieve the set time, and related physical properties of observation for EPDM rubber color changes, called EPDM anti-aging performance test.

Under normal weather condition, the strong performance of anti-aging of EPDM Granules are not easy to fade.

The color of the EPDM playground is more durable, stable, and longer.

UV test after two months