-- Ground renovation  

Ground cleaning, dust decontamination, smooth base, leveling ground. 

--Water-proof bottom oil coating  

Confirm the substrate has been leveling, and moisture content is no more than 8% for construction, using brush or roller construction high permeability waterproof primer (BSF0401), in order to strengthen the basis and with surface bonding ability, waterproof to enhance the cohesive role. 

-- Substrate laying (Environmental rubber granule layer) 

Before laying the black granules, firstly coating a layer of glue, put the Pu environment-friendly adhesive with environmental black granule materials before the glue doesn’t get cured. According to the proportion of mixing evenly, pour on the ground, use specialized paving machine to level compaction, to control the amount and thickness; uneven place should continue to be leveled.

--Surface EPDM Granule spraying

The Pu topcoat (BSPM0423) mixed with EPDM rubber granule (anti aging, resistant to discoloration of all-weather EPDM granule) with special spraying on the black rubber base surface spraying 2-3 times), be sure to make granules layer is smooth; finish wrap EPDM granules, in order to make the playground more durable.

--Marking line

BSJX0451 white paint, according to the design size of spraying sports line, ensure the line width consistent, uniform color, no false edge.  

Nanjing Audit University

Running track in Nanjing Audit University is Air permeable type.