Composite Case

Nanjing Institute of Physical Education Stadium

Nanjing Institute stadium is the early project of ours, which is installed in 2001 year. The running track is made from black sbr bottom layer and red EPDM top layer, with more than 10years usage.

Nanjing Institute stadium is the early project of ours, which is installed in 2001 year. The running track is made from black sbr bottom layer and red EPDM top layer, with more than 10years usage.

Composite Running Track

Adopted part of hybrid and breathable running track installation, it could reduce the cost and installation time with good quality.

Materials lists:
Two-part pu binder, which is used for hybrid running tracks and composite running tracks.
One-part pu binder, which is used for composite & breathable running tracks and EPDM rubber floors.
PU granules、EPDM granules、Black sbr granules

Remarks of running track installations

  Water (sweat and rain) is key factor of installation, during the installation of EPDM rubber floors, should keep water away. When do the installation of running tracks, it should do under good weather and high temperature conditions.  During the installation, please do the preparance of rai, keep the good quality of running tracks.。 

  (2)The thickness of running track means the height from bottom grounds to surface layer. Preparing a staff gauge, check the thickness of the running track. If the thickness is more than the designed, it should be revised cut or hammering. It could also use the long smooth steel to scratch the surface layer, and use the staff gauge check the thickness. The running track of 11th Asian Sports Games, the average thickness is more than 14mm, and the deviation of thickness is positive.

  (3)To keep the running track away the water away, there are some experiences for consideration.  
To keep the running track smoothly, the width of track should be the biggest of scale, and the width of track is 3.66meter. But for tracks which are not used for competion, the width should be more than 4meters. 
After the raining, there is some water in the southern and northern half round, especially the area for high jump. To keep the slope of running track, the installation of “turtle” is a good choice, which is good for draining. 

  (4) To prevent the adhesive surface after paving blistering shelling, it should control the density of bottom grounds. Keeping the asphalt layer complete, prevent shelling delamination, which results in poor adhesion, surface gasification and pulled off the adhesive surface. 
  (5) To keep the flat and slope, it needs use level to analog correction after nailing the staff steel. It could scratch the high area, and fill the pu binder into the lower area.

  (6) The part of asphalt floor, which is polluted or corroded by oil, should be moved away, and fill the pu binder into the part.

Maintance of the running tracks

(1)Rubber running tracks could be only used for sports training and games.
Athletes should be in normal short nails sneakers (<6mm), traning shoes, rubber canvas shoes or soft rubber shoes on running tracks during the training or games.

(2)Rubber running tracks are only used for human sports exercise or games, cars are forbbiden. It also prevernts sharp crash or friction on running tracks.
(3)During the maintance of running track, it shouuld protect the edge of tracks. If any damage of track edge, it should be repaired in time
(4)Running tracks should keep away from the chemical products and organic solvents.
(5)Running tracks should keep clean, when it is dirty, could be cleaned by water. If there is oil on the surface of tracks, it could use 10% ammonia or detergent to clean.
(6)During the training, athlets should do the exercises on different lines, avoiding uneven use of the site. 
(7)Smoking, cigarette butts andchewing gum indiscriminately, sugary drinks are forbbiden on the running tracks.
Standards of rubber running tracks

Testing and checking standards of running tracks

Synthetic--Rubber sports track 

Synthetic--Rubber sports track  

(1)main content and usage scale
The stanadard sets the technic requirements, experiemnt methods, testing ruel, usage and maintance.
The standard is used for hybrid running tracks, which is made from PU materials.
Rubber running tracks are used for athletics games, which are made from rubber compounds materials.

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